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Pre-Registration Program

FIWA gives the opportunity for parents to pre-register their children any time, all year long, before the actual admission date. 

Some benefits of pre-registration are:

  1. Candidates will be included in the top priority list when the actual admission date commenced.

  2. Candidates will receive an early invitation to join many interesting programs in FIWA, such as seminars, pesantren kilat (live the boarding life), trial class, competition that will boost their confidence to study in boarding school.

  3. Opportunity to join FIWA Santri preparation programs, in which the successful candidate will be accepted as FIWA students without taking the standard admission test

  4.  Opportunity to receive special admission and tuition fee offering.

Pre-registration requirements:

  1. Age:

    • For Junior high school candidates, the minimum age is 7 and the maximum age is 12 years old.

    • For Senior High School candidate, the minimum age is 12 and the maximum age is 15 years old.

  2. Gender: Boys and Girls are welcome to pre-register

  3. Health: The candidate is in a good health condition.​

  4. Application letter, signed by parent (father and mother).

Please pre-register your child by filling this form

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